Pregnancy is a time of big changes in the body. This means that it needs extra care and attention. This is why exercise during pregnancy is not just helpful it is a necessity. Regular exercise has shown umpteen health benefits for the body and mind. Similarly, exercise during pregnancy, too, has numerous advantages for both the mother and the baby that cannot be overlooked. A new study on mice clearly showed that regardless of whether the mother is obese or not, if she regularly exercised during pregnancy, her child would be less likely to become obese after consuming a high-fat diet later in life. These children have less risk of developing metabolic diseases such as diabetes and fatty liver disease.

Now that it has been established that exercise during pregnancy is a must, it is also vital to note that you must exercise with extreme caution and under a trained expert during pregnancy. There are certain exercises that may be out of bounds for you depending on your weight, lifestyle factors, pregnancy stage and other issues. Also remember what works for other pregnant women may not necessarily work for you as each woman’s pregnancy is a different experience. Here are some exercises that are known to help pregnant women and their children.

Walking and prenatal yoga are excellent during the initial stages of pregnancy. While walking, remember to wear appropriate shoes and make sure that the road you are walking on is safe and completely plain devoid of potholes or puddles.

Aquatic exercises can also prove beneficial at this stage as there is very less impact on your joints and other parts of your body. You can do a variety of exercises in the swimming pool in a gentle manner.

Yoga asanas: Your spine tends to be stressed during pregnancy and this why you need relaxing and stretching yoga asanas  like the marjariasana or the cat pose. You should also try breathing exercises like Pranayam or alternate nostril breathing. This will help calm you down and regulate your breathing.