Mothers are the most selfless creatures on earth when it comes to taking care of their children. The purest love you can get is from your mother because it comes to you without any strings attached. In a bid to arrange and provide everything best to her child, a mother completely forgets herself. She works day and night without taking any off day.Also Read - Are You a First Time Dad? Ease Into The Role of Fatherhood With These Parenting Tips

From doing the household chores to taking care of their kids, and doing the office work, mothers manage all without complaining. They consider everything their responsibility and probably that’s why now people have started expecting too much from a mother and have set an ideal image of them. They have strated to believe that mothers are born to work round the clock like a machine without being tired. Also Read - Parenting Tips: Here is How You Can Control Your Emotions And Care For Your Newborn

This thinking is absolutely not acceptable. Just like everyone else, mothers too need to take out time for themselves and do self-care. They should also get off days and just sit and relax. Working non-stop is not the healthiest habit to adopt. It can affect your physical and mental health in a big way. Now is the time to start being kind to yourself.

According to doctors, young mothers are generally nutrient deficient and experience hormonal disturbances. This is a result of a lack of self-care. Mothers do pay attention to their diet or exercise routine. They even do not realise the importance of their mental well-being. All they care is about their little once.

So, all the moms out there should start pampering themselves. Eat on time and have food rich in essential nutrients like iron, protein, carbohydrates etc. Also, do not forget to sleep for at least 7 hours. take out time for meditation and if possible book a spa appointment and have a relaxed day.