Handling a baby is easier said than done. Your little bundle of joy has just arrived in the world and is not accustomed to its set rules and regulations. Babies do things as per their body clock and wish. To cope up with the stress that comes with parenting, you just need to schedule your day and work according to your baby’s schedule. A newborn is quite demanding and does not sleep continuously for long hours. He will get up frequently to have milk. Training your baby to sleep for long hours without interrupting is a tough job but you can sail through it gradually. To help you deal with your child, here we tell you 3 reasons why your baby is not sleeping and crying his lungs out. Also Read - Parenting During Pandemic: Tips to Remain Calm While Handling Your Child

Baby is Hungry

Crying is the only way through which babies express their concern. You just need to decode it. If the crying is accompanied by the inability to sleep and your baby is constantly turning his head towards your nipples or putting his hands to mouth, it means, he is hungry. Clinching hands and licking lips are some other signs of hunger that are expressed by babies. Notably, newborns require milk every 2 hours. Also Read - Parenting Tips: Simple Things You Need to Keep in Mind to Raise a Healthy And Happy Child

Your Little Bundle of Joy is Uncomfortable or Exhausted

Too cold or too warm room temperature and extremely tight clothes or diaper can make your baby feel uncomfortable. As a sign of discomfort, he may start crying. Sometimes, too much body movement during the day can make your baby feel exhausted at night and that may create a problem in sleeping. That is why it is important to massage your baby twice a day. Also Read - Parenting: These Signs Are Proof, You Are Unknowingly Mom-Shaming Yourself

Your Little One Wishes to Spend Some Time With Your

Sometimes, babies just need a cuddle or skin to skin contact to feel warm and cozy enough to get to sleep. Your reassuring presence can help you little bundle of joy sleep peacefully.