December 13: This application is a dream come true for all alcohol afficianados, who are almost always low on the moolah- people like ourselves. If you also count yourselves amongst us, then this season to be jolly just got jollier for you too. The name of this blessed app is BarCzar and we certainly it’s the best invention that every Mumbaikar, who is also a lover of boozie drinks, could have asked for in 2016.

The app, which is available to every Android phone user, lets every member redeem one free signature cocktail at the best restaurants and pubs across Mumbai. Users can select a plan, which starts from Rs 1000 for one month, and go pub hopping and trying different drinks at some of the most high-end places in the city. However, people who sign up now will pay half that amount for a month! This is the best application to have with you during Christmas and New Year’s. ALSO READ: This newly launched retro theme Bandra bar is also a funky work station, a library and a gaming hub!

Todi Mills Social is one of the places you can redeem free drinks at using BarCzar. Credits:

Todi Mills Social is one of the place that you redeem free drinks at, using BarCzar. Credits:

The places that you can hit up with the help of your trusty app include The Daily, Elbo Room, Smoke House Deli, Raasta, PDT, Colaba Social, Todi Mill Social, MRP and many more. The members of BarCzar will also get exclusive access to events conducted at their partnered locations in Mumbai. These events include mixology sessions, weekly pop-up bars and musical events. So educate your gang of cocktail junkies about this exciting app and head out for an evening full of revelry which is also light on your pockets.



Download the application on your mobile, sign up for free, choose your preferred subscription plan and you’re good to go. Enjoy new cocktails every day, without worrying about how bad you’re going to feel the next morning. Log on to the official website of the BarCzar to know more.