Weight loss is a long but significant process. It is necessary if you wish to live a healthy life. Obesity has been associated with various health ailments that can not only affect your physical and mental capabilities but also claim your life. This makes weight loss a saviour. When you are in shape, you also look attractive. To shed those extra kilos, you need to be disciplined as far as your lifestyle is concerned. Additionally, you need to know the right way to lose weight. For that, a holistic and comprehensive approach is required. If you wish to get rid of your extra body flab, now is the right time. Make a resolution this new year, to flaunt a stunning figure soon. And, to reach there, here are some points you need to keep in mind. Also Read - Keto Diets, Intermittent Fasting Top Weight Loss Methods in India, Reveals a Survey

Have a flexible plan

For being able to adhere to your weight loss resolution, you need to make a plan flexible enough. Being too strict will make you lose motivation very soon and you may end up giving up within a month. You must take cheat days between your weight loss regimen. But that should not be too much. Eating food of your choice some days can keep you from food cravings and binge eating. Also Read - Weight Loss: Scientifically-Proven Food to Boost Your Metabolism

Have planned meals

This is necessary to avoid eating food rich in calories. You must plan your meals at least a week before. On weekdays, it is common to feel lazy and eat outside food. But, this can be bad for you during the weight loss regimen. You must have home-cooked food and that should be healthy. If you really do not get time, you can cook something during the weekends and freeze it to use on weekdays. This will save you time. Also Read - Weight Loss: Consume Ginger Tea to Shed Those Extra Kilos

Always carry lunch to work

This is not only economical but also good for your health. Having outside food when you are trying hard to lose weight, can be really bad. Though preparing lunch in the morning may seem difficult and challenging, it can help you get rid of your belly fat. In the case of such a problem, you can cook food during the night and take the same food for lunch.