Do you know about alternate therapy? Well, it is a way to either treat a particular ailment or enhance the effects of conventional treatment through ways other than using medicines. And, one of the alternative medicine techniques that is quite popular is crystal healing. This involves the placement of semiprecious crystals like amethyst, quartz, or opals on different parts of the body to heal the pain. This pseudoscientific alternative medicine technique works by constructing an energy grid. Crystals are believed to have a healing power that can bring positivity around you and balance your life. Though a lot of people opt for crystal healing, a few remain deprived of its benefits because of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the technique. Here we bust some of them for you. Also Read - India's First AI Based Covid Testing Facility Starts Operations at Delhi's IGI Airport

Crystals can create magic

Well, crystals are not some magical rock that can make you fit instantly. Crystal healing is a time taking process that can lift up your spiritual life by increasing the positivity around you. This incredible arsenal can just improve the effects of the medicines. It cannot single-handedly cure a medical problem. Also Read - LIVE IPL 2021 DC vs MI Live Cricket Score Today, Latest Match Updates: Dhawan, Mishra Star as Delhi Beat Mumbai by 6 Wickets

You can use crystals on your own

This is one of the most common misconceptions among people. Just like you cannot take medicines without consulting a doctor, you cannot use crystals for healing purposes without contacting a professional. Different crystals have different effects on the body. Not being aware of that and just using any crystal can have a negative impact on your health. Also Read - 'All Should Follow Rules': Devendra Fadnavis After Young Kin Jumps Covid Vaccine Line, Triggers Row

Crystals need to be polished in order to be effective

Shape, size, and finishing of crystal have nothing do with the energy emitted by them. Rough and dull crystals have the same effects as polished and shiny ones have.