Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases in the world. It occurs when glucose in your body is not synthesized properly to be used as energy. When an organ called pancreas stops producing an important hormone, insulin or if its secretion is insufficient, you become diabetic. Insulin is essential for the breakdown of sugar molecules to be used by the body cells as energy. Its absence or insufficient supply leads to an increase in blood sugar which can put you at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, eye damage, etc.Also Read - Diabetes: This is How it Impacts Your Life

The disease is characterized by symptoms like frequent urination, extreme thirst, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, etc. If you have a family history of having this chronic condition, you are at an increased risk of developing the same. To avoid the onset of the complications associated with diabetes, you need to be aware of its risk factors in the first place. So, here we list them for you. Also Read - National Diabetes Awareness Month: Nick Jonas Suffering From Type 1 Diabetes, These Complications May Affect Him


Being obese means your body has a lot of food (nutrients) to process than required. This puts stress on the body cells, especially on the endoplasmic reticulum. Due to the excessive pressure, the membrane sends an alert signal to the body cells to decrease the impact of insulin receptors on the surface of the cell. This is what causes insulin resistance which is also known as type 2 diabetes. Also Read - Type 2 Diabetes: Fruits to Regularise Blood Sugar Level

High blood pressure

According to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, people with high blood pressure have a 50 per cent increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Hypertension is indirectly associated with the onset of diabetes. Actually the conditions and lifestyle habits that are knwon to cause hypertension are also linked to the development of diabetes. This means that if your blood pressure is more than required, you are probably going to get diabetes.

Sedentary lifestyle

Having a sedentary lifestyle means not involving yourself in any activity and just sitting ideally most of the times. This is what causes obesity which is already associated with the onset of diabetes. So, it is advised to do at least some kind of physical exercise daily.

To get a holistic view of diabetes by  Dr. Cynthia Kuhn, you can watch this video: