Have you ever experienced an allergic reaction post applying a cosmetic product on your face? Have you ever tried to know why and how the allergy occurs? Well, scientists have recently conducted a research and found out that chemicals present in consumer products actually trigger the skin allergy. The research was published in the journal Science Immunology. It revealed that when these chemicals get in contact with your skin cells, displace lipids, which are fat-like molecules responsible for toning the skin. Also Read - Want a Clear Skin? Opt For These Natural Cleansers

This displacement leads to an immune response and causes allergy. According to scientists, your body’s defence system reacts only when the chemicals are visible to the T cells. And, anything becomes visible to the immune cells only when it modifies larger proteins. This clearly means that a myriad of beauty products in the market contain numerous chemicals that can disrupt the originally placed proteins in the body. That is the reason you need to ditch the skincare products available in the market and opt for natural ingredients that are known to enhance your beauty. Here, we tell you about them. Also Read - Omega-3 Fatty Acids Can Make Your Skin Glow


Want flawless and youthful skin? Honey is what you need to use. Being rich in antioxidants, honey can protect your skin from wrinkles. It can slow the ageing process. Also, honey is a natural moisturizer. It can help those with dry skin. This natural antibacterial ingredient is great for acne prevention and treatment. Honey can also improve your skin complexion and unclog the pores. Also Read - Want Healthy Hair And Glowing Skin? Opt For Pumpkin


Yogurt can moisturize and rejuvenate your skin if applied topically on a daily basis. It works by increasing the moisture content on the affected area and making your skin more elastic, says a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science. Even if you have wrinkles and fine lines or you are struggling with acne, yogurt can be extremely beneficial.

Sesame seeds

Also known as Til, sesame seeds are skin detoxifiers. Containing antioxidants, they can flush out the toxins in the body. They also have anti-ageing properties that help in reversing the signs of ageing and offering you a glowing skin. The oil present in these seeds is jam-packed with anti-inflammatory properties that are good for treating the redness and sores on the skin.