Are you tired of people pulling your cheeks and calling it cute? Do you wish to have sculpted cheekbones? If yes, you have reached the right place. We understand that extra facial fat and double chin are difficult to hide and make you look not so fit or so to say “perfect”. There are people who feel embarrassed about their excess cheek fat. You need to understand that this is the end result of your unhealthy lifestyle and various other factors too. Here, we tell you about certain exercises and some effective tips to get rid of excess facial fat and get the cheekbones of your dreams. Also Read - Weight Loss Trick: Consume These Smoothies And Avoid Certain Blunders to Keep Your Body in Shape

Do fish face exercise

Though there is no research that has elucidated the effectiveness of this exercise in bidding adieu to facial fats, doing it can help you tone up your facial muscles and make your facial skin firm. To practice this, all you need to do is to make a fish-like face with your lips by sucking in your cheeks and puckering them. Also Read - Weight Loss: Opt For Super Carb Diet to Get a Slim Body

Blow air out

Did you know that something as simple as blowing air out can help you get rid of excess facial fat? We know you didn’t. For better results, you can sit on a chair while doing this exercise and tilt your back. You basically need to feel the stretch on your chin and neck. Also Read - Kartik Aaryan Shares His Weight Loss Story For Love Aaj Kal Role

Do cardio

As mentioned earlier, facial fat may be the result of your overall weight gain and therefore only the targeted fat loss method may not be too effective. In that case, you can try cardio exercises like jumping, swimming, running, etc. Indulging in them can make your face slim.

Cut down on salt

Excessive salt intake has been known to be associated with bloating and water retention. These can further lead to swelling and facial puffiness. You can consider cutting down on your salt intake if you wish to prevent your body from holding too much water.