If you think that consuming naturally sweet drinks like fruit juices won’t raise your sugar level, you are mistaken. This is what a new study is stating. According to a new study published in Diabetes Care, having naturally sweet drinks affects your body exactly the way consuming artificially sweetened drinks does.

Diabetes is a metabolic syndrome in which a person pancreas either stops producing insulin hormone or his body becomes resistant to the hormone. Notably, insulin is necessary for the usage of glucose as energy in the body. Diabetes is a chronic condition and therefore, it can be managed but cannot be treated. In this condition, it becomes extremely significant to lead a disciplined life and takes care of your diet.

The food you eat plays a vital role in your condition. If not treated or managed on time, diabetes can lead to various complications like kidney failure, cardiovascular diseases, stroke etc.

How to manage diabetes?

One of the major ways to keep your sugar level under control is by keeping control of your diet. Eat foods low in sugar, avoid fast foods like pizza, burger, french-fries etc. Also, keep an eye on your portion size. Indulge in some form of exercise on a daily basis. This will keep you active and help your body metabolise sugar effectively. Additionally, make sure you consume plenty of water and have a good sleeping pattern. Moreover, you should also say a complete no to alcohol and smoking. Your liver is the organ that releases stored sugar to avoid low blood sugar level, however, if you keep on drinking alcohol too much, the organ will be busy metabolizing the alcohol, you may experience extreme low sugar level, which is again not a good condition to be in.