Though COVID-19 pandemic has led to a huge loss and has covered the entire world with its black clouds, there are some positive side-effects of it too. Now that almost the entire world is experiencing lockdown, nature seems to be reclaiming its glory. It seems to be in its healing mode and we are witnessing a sight to behold. Also Read - Kangana Ranaut Hints at Spread of Coronavirus Being a 'Potential Bio War' to Destroy Economies, Read on

From a huge curb in pollution level, to people coming together and signing in unison, and dolphins coming out and playing in water, mother Earth is showing all the signs that nature is thriving again. Also Read - Cat In Belgium Tests Positive For Coronavirus After Being Infected By Owner, Experts Say 'Rare Case'

Not only this, the protective layer up there, the ozone layer has also started healing itself. Some satellite pictures have shown that the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica is recovering fast causing positive changes in the atmospheric circulation. Notably, ozone layer is responsible for maintaining a balance between climatic conditions. But, the destructive nature of human being and a lust for industrialisation have led to the depletion of this protective layer. Ozone absorbs the harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the sun and avoid its reach to the Earth. Also Read - Watch | Punjab Police Urges Women to Make Men Do the Household Chores Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Coming back to the healing part of the nature, recently, Mumbaikar’s spotted a school of dolphins in Marine Drive. A reduction in human traffic and a decrease in pollution due to ongoing quarantine have led to this beautiful occurrence.

Additionally, a couple of days ago, a video of a deer fearlessly running on an empty lane in Dehradun got viral on the Internet. Well, this is one of the positive effects of the lockdown. Animals are roaming around freely, sky is getting clear and nature is finally breathing.