Navratri 2017 begins tomorrow! You might have decided the perfect outfit and jewelry for all the nine-days of celebration. but have you figured out the perfect hairdo for Navratri season? You obviously need great hair styles to go with our perfect traditional looks. But one hassle that all the girls face during this festive season is to keep the hair out of the face yet look glam at the same time while playing dandiya and garba. Do not fret, we share with you some amazing hairstyles that would go with any Indian attire during Navratri. To add that glam quotient to your looks here are five different hairstyles that you can try this Navratri. These hairstyles are quick and easy and do not require you to use any hair styling tool. So go ahead and try these heatless simple Navratri hairstyles. (ALSO READ Navratri 2017 Makeup Look: How to get Deepika Padukone inspired Ram Leela style Navratri or Garba Makeup Look). Also Read - Holi 2021 Hair Care and Skin Care: Best Tips to Cure Damage From Colours

Flip twist ponytail

Start by spraying your hair with dry shampoo to get fresh and bouncy hair. Brush your hair with side partition and tie a simple ponytail. Then push the hair tie a little lower, and push the hair above the hair tie into two separate sections. Now, flip the pony in between the gap above the hair tie and you will instantly get a nice flip twisted ponytail. your hair will stay out of your face for the whole night with this elegant and simple hairstyle. Also Read - Beauty Tips: Top 6 Home Remedies For Glowing Skin | Watch Video

Twist hairstyle

Brush your hair and make a deep side partition. Grab a small section from one side of the partition and start twisting it, as you move down add another section of hair. Repeat doing this until you reach the bottom.Secure this twisted section at the back of your hair with a bobby pin. Repeat the same on the other side of the hair partition. This is very simple yet looks stunning with your traditional look. Also Read - Shahid Kapoor's Wife Mira Rajput Stuns in a Bikini, Fans Call Her 'Hot Mama'

Braided hairstyle

The third look is a variation of the previous hairstyle. So just like the previous hairdo, begin with twisting your hair from two different section and securing the at the back of your head. Then grab the rest of the hair, part them into three different section and braid them neatly. This is a no-brainer hairdo. Braid the hair and use a hair tie at the end. This will look neat and sleek.

Volumized Ponytail

Begin by teasing the top section of your hair to get extra bounce. Smooth it out a little and tie a simple high ponytail. The extra bounce and pouf in the front will make this simple ponytail look stunning. This is the most simple hairstyle, but works well when you are heading to the dandiya grounds.

Messy top knot

To get the messy top knot bun, simply grab all your hair and twist it into a bun. Using a hair tie, secure it on the top of your head and then use bobby pins so that your messy top knot stays in place. You can use some hairspray to make sure all the stray hairs stay in place and your top knot looks neat.

Check out the above video to follow the video guide of all these hairstyles. This Navratri, let your hair sparkle with stylish hairstyles! Braid it, throw it in a top knot or let it down it’s your choice.