Navratri 2020 is almost here! People are all set to celebrate this 9-day long celebration in honour of the divine goddess Durga. If you’ve grown up in a Hindu household, you must be aware that during these 9 days, people either fast or alter their regular diet to pay respect to divine Maa Durga.Also Read - 1,300-Year-Old Sculpture of Goddess Durga Recovered From Jammu & Kashmir's Khag

The Vrat ka Khana has religious significance attached to it. The vrat ka khana includes fruits, aloo ki sabzi, sabudana khichdi and most importantly, Kuttu ka Atta or buckwheat flour. Many people are mistaken that leaving their regular grains (rice and wheat etc) might hamper nutrition, whereas that’s not the case. Kuttu Ka Atta is supposed to be a staple diet for the 9 days while you are fasting, and it is said to be a powerhouse of nutrition. Also Read - Puri-Based Miniature Artist Makes Goddess Durga Idol With 275 Ice-Cream Sticks

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Well, Kuttu or buckwheat is basically made from the seeds of the fruits and hence are not true cereals. These pseudo-cereals are touted to be a satisfying meal that makes you feel full while you fast your way through those auspicious 9 days. Pseudo cereal are seeds from the broad-leaf plants and is not grasses. While true cereals are grasses.

Health benefits of Kuttu or Buckwheat flour

1. Loaded with proteins: Buckwheat flour is filled with proteins and it has more protein than that of rice and wheat.

2. Rich in Fibre: Fibre is one of the most important elements for the digestive system and Kuttu is loaded with that.

3. Helps in weight loss: It helps in shedding those extra kilos, it eases digestion. It gives you a satisfactory meal feel and is good for your health. It has fewer calories and thus a great way to aide weight loss.

4. Keeps Blood pressure and type 2-diabetes in check: As it is a low-fat food and that helps in keeping the blood pressure in control. It also contains D-chiro-inositol which controls diabetes.

5. Rich in minerals and nutrients: Kuttu has Vitamin B-complex as well as vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and vitamin B (niacin). It also contains traces of copper, zinc, iron and phosphorus.

Know more benefits of this powerhouse flour? Let us know!