Navratri officially marks the start of festive season in India. Navratri that begins from today is one of the largely celebrated festivals that majorly includes dancing. The most important aspect of Navratri are dandiya and garba nights where women come all dressed up and dance to the tunes of Navratri special songs. However, most women also worry about their skin going out of control during festive season. Since this is also a chance to meet new people, several women start gearing up for their skin even before the festival begins. Though Navratri has already begun, it is not too late yet. There is a lot that you can still do to make sure that your skin is glowing all through the 9 days of Navratri. Here are some foolproof skincare tips that you should follow. Also Read - Mysore Dasara Procession 2017 Live Streaming: Watch Video of Jamboo Savari or Dussehra Celebrations in Mysore Karnataka

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Hydrating your body with ample water is the first trick to a glowing skin. Have everything from water, juices and coconut water as well. This will hydrate your body and give your skin a glow from within. So increase your fluid intake at least by a litre. So any makeup you do on your skin will come out beautifully and you will already have a natural glow. Also Read - Navratri 2017 Day 9: Worship Maa Siddhidatri, the Ninth Form of Goddess Durga

Get enough sleep to avoid getting eye bags

Now if you are one of those women who love attending every garba night, then you need to look out for eye bags or puffy eyes. So the best and natural way to do it is by getting enough sleep. Yes, concealer does hide them, but when you can do it naturally why waste your energy on makeup. Get 8 hours of sleep every single night and you can also place tea bags to give your eyes a cooling effect. You will get an instant uplift with tea bags.


Always go for waterproof makeup

Now because Navratri happens in October ( when humidity is at its peak) and the dancing makes you excessively sweat, it is wise to go for waterproof makeup. It will keep your eyeliner, lipstick and foundation in place. Don’t let the sweat or climate play havoc with your makeup.

Apply light foundation

Whether you are going to be a bystander or you plan to be the queen of your dandiya night, it is always better to opt for a light foundation. Don’t go all out with your foundation because when you sweat, the foundation will start to look cakey. So go easy with your foundation.

back waxing

Make sure your back is waxed and polished

Navratri is the perfect time to wear those sexy backless blouses with traditional skirts. But before you do that it is better to get your back waxed and polished. However, do it in advance so that even if there are any breakouts it does not happen on the night of your dandiya or garba party.

These are the 5 most important skincare tips that you need to follow before you gear up for Navratri nights of fun and frolic. If you haven’t been doing anything already, you can start by increasing your water intake from this minute.