New Symptoms of Coronavirus: It’s going to be a year since the world got to know about the novel coronavirus and yet it seems there’s a lot that still needs to be known about it. The health specialists, doctors, scientists, and researchers are constantly learning new things about the virus every day. As coronavirus continues to evolve, three new symptoms have now emerged among the patients of COVID-19 all across the world. Also Read - Pranab Mukharjee Passes Away Owing to Septic Shock, Here's All You Need to Know About The Condition, Its Symptoms, Risk Factors, And Complications

The common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, coughing, chills, breathlessness, headache, body ache, and runny nose. However, now, the doctors have encountered three more new symptoms among the patients of the coronavirus. A doctor on Twitter recently posted an image of a patient who was found tested positive for the virus after developing chilblain-like symptoms. This means that the patient had developed ‘COVID-toes’ that made the feet swollen with discoloured toes. The picture showed red and swollen feet with itchy and painful skin. Doctors said that this skin infection can sometimes be all the more painful with blisters and pustules. It was also discovered that these symptoms were mostly found in children who got infected with the virus. Also Read - All About Colon Cancer: Symptoms And Treatment of Disease That Took Black Panther Aka Chadwick Boseman's Life

The doctor who went by the name ‘Dennis’ took to Twitter and wrote, “I diagnosed a patient (presumptively) with Coronavirus based on her skin exam today. She had “Covid toes” for six weeks and has otherwise been asymptomatic. She had a public facing job. I’ve seen several patients like this. Hard to imagine this virus isn’t everywhere already.” (sic) Also Read - Simple Hints to Differentiate Between Symptoms of Common Cold And COVID-19

Further, as reported by IndiaTimes, 20 per cent of people infected with the coronavirus in Italy were found to have skin problems.

The second uncommon symptom of the coronavirus is hair loss. A report in Times of India claimed that for most people who remained asymptomatic the whole time, hair loss came out as a big issue later. Hair loss is anyway a common symptom in most severe illnesses like cancer, typhoid, etc.

The third new symptom that emerged, as mentioned in the report by Express UK, was hiccups. It is believed that hiccups occur when a body’s intake of air is blocked for a few seconds, therefore, in COVID-19, when the oxygen levels are low, hiccups may increase.

There’s still a lot that needs to be researched and discovered about the coronavirus. Stay safe!