Any New Year’s Eve party is incomplete without alcohol. After all, a boozy end to anything is always the happy ending we all need in our lives. If you’re planning to spend the New Year’s with only near and dear ones for company and are planning to skip fancy parties for a quieter house party, you can still make the evening adequately boozy with some DIY cocktails.

Jacob Alexander of United Spirits and Afzal Kaba of Diageo Bar Academy have suggested some easy festive cocktail recipes, that will be perfect for your New Year’s eve house party. These winter cocktails, which combine rich aroma, taste and textures, will make you very popular with your guests. ALSO READ: Wine trends of 2017: These are the 13 hottest wine trends for 2017

1. Spiced Cookie Cocktail

Complete this holiday season with some Cinnamon sugar and bitters blended with the rich taste of scotch whisky.


Scotch Whiskey: 60 ml

Angostura Bitters: A Dash

Orange Zest: 1

Cinnamon Syrup: 15ml


Take a glass and add all your ingredients together and mix them up until it has blended. Add ice and stir till it is diluted. Garnish it with an orange peel and flame a cinnamon stick from the corner and keep on top of the drink for the soft aroma.

Garnish: Orange Peel and Cinnamon stick

Glassware: Old Fashioned

2. Gingerbread Man Cocktail

Take a break from all the sweets this holiday season and indulge in some Gingerbread infused with cloves and ginger and the rich taste of spiced rum.


Spiced Rum: 60 ml

Lime Juice: 10ml

Cloves Syrup: 15ml

Ginger Ale Top Up


Take a tall glass filled with ice and add all your ingredients together and stir gently until it has blended. Garnish it with lime slice on the edge of the glass with some cloves and some ginger ale to top it up, and your drink is ready to be served! ALSO READ: New Year’s 2017 Party Special Recipes: Here’s how to make Roast Turkey and Red Wine Cake at home

Garnish: Cloves, Lime slice and Ginger

Glassware: Tom Collins

3. Cocoa Brownie Cocktail

Pamper your taste buds this winter with some Brownie which has a twist of Spice, Cola and Rum.


Spiced Rum: 60 ml

Anise Syrup: 15ml

Lime Wedges: 4

Mint leaves Hand full

Cola Top Up


Start by adding some lime wedges to a tall glass and muddle the wedges to extract the juice. Add a few mint leaves and muddle them gently without breaking the leaves. Pour some Anise syrup, Spiced Rum and ice cubes. Top it up with Cola and stir it lightly.

Garnish: Star Anise

Glassware: Tom Collins

4.  Black Sage Cocktail

Smoothness of Black and White mixed with the richness of pineapple and warmth of ginger and honey all combined to give a lovely start to your cool party evenings this festive season. Raise a toast to friendship and togetherness! ALSO READ: Easy Brunch Recipes: Chef Mitesh Rangras shares lip-smacking Asian brunch recipes


Black and White: 60ml

Root Ginger (peeled): 1-inch stub

Pineapple Juice: 60 ml

Lime Juice: 10 ml

Honey: 10 ml

Star Anise


Muddle, shake and double strain into a chilled glass.

Garnish: Star Anise

Glassware: Martini Glass

5. Candy Cane Cocktail

Warm your winter evenings with a candy which has a twist of peach and fresh mint mixed with Scotch Whisky.


Scotch Whisky: 60ml

Mint leaves: 8 to 10

Peach syrup: 10 ml

Soda Top Up


Start by gently muddling some mint leave without breaking them in a glass. Proceed by adding some ice, Peach Syrup and Scotch Whisky and stir it with a spoon to bring out the beautiful flavours. Top the glass with soda and ice, and garnish it.

Garnish: Mint Sprig and Orange twist

Glassware: Tall Glass