We are fighting with the coronavirus pandemic for more than a year now and finally, some hope has arrived in the form of the COVID-19 vaccine. But, that’s not good news for everyone because the latest reports have revealed that the newly developed vaccines are not for children below 12. Not only kids but there is a list of other people who cannot get the shots of the COVID-19 vaccine. Here, we will tell you about them. Also Read - US Doctor Develops Severe Allergic Reaction After Receiving Moderna’s Vaccine, Says Report

Currently, Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are getting dispensed and professionals are taking certain cautions while giving the vaccine shots to people to avoid any unfortunate incident. One of the safety measures that is being practiced is, keeping the candidates under observation for some time after giving the injection so that even if they develop any side-effect, it can be controlled. But, that doesn’t mean the vaccine is not safe. Only a handful of people till now among 1.1 million who got the injection have developed adverse reactions. Also Read - Coronavirus Vaccine Will be Available to 35,000 Health Workers in Gurugram

Why Can’t Children Get The COVID-19 Vaccine?

Firstly, the clinical trials of the vaccines were done on adults and therefore we are not sure if kids’ bodies will be able to handle the doses prescribed. Whenever a vaccine is developed, it is firstly tested on adults and then on kids after it is found to be relatively safe.

Secondly, the chances of children developing allergies after getting the vaccine are more than adults as their immunity level generally does not match that of adults.

As per the latest guidelines, Pfizer’s vaccine is authorized for use only in those aged 16 and older. However, Moderna’s vaccine can be given only to people aged 18 and older. Notably, Moderna has announced that it will start the pediatric clinical trials soon. It will include children aged between 12 and 17.

Who Else Cannot Get The covid-19 Vaccine?

Apart from kids, those suffering from a condition, infection, or an allergy will not be able to get the coronavirus vaccine as their immunity is low compared to the general population, and therefore their chances to develop complications or adverse side-effects is more than others. Pregnant ladies can also not get the vaccine.