‘Tis the season of shorts and skirts! If you feel like your legs need some sculpting so they look perfect in that pair of shorts or bikini you have just bought for yourself for a beach vacation, you will need to do some exercise that targets muscles in your legs. Toned legs look longer and leaner and can actually make you look taller. Try these exercises for perfectly toned legs.Also Read - Say Hello to Smooth And Shiny Legs With These Easy to Follow Tips by Shahnaz Husain

Squats: Squats are simple to do, don’t require equipment and safe as well so you can do them on your own without any supervision. Squats target the lower body mainly including your thighs. To do squats, Stand erect with your feet below your hips. Keep your spine erect and your core pulled in. Bend down to lower yourself so your knees are bent and are straight above your toes. Do not stoop or bend your back and do not extend your knees so they cross your toes. Hold for a few seconds and rise up again. You can join your hands in the front while bending. Also Read - Gabriella Demetriades's Workout Video Serves Major Fitness Goals | Watch Video

Hip abduction: This is one exercise that will make you look sexy in those shorts! This is because hip abduction targets muscles in not just the legs but also on the thighs and hips. All you need to do is lie down on one side with your legs on top of each other and your head on your bent elbow. Look straight and raise the top leg from your hip. Make sure that you feel a bit of stress in your hips as you extend your legs. Lower the leg after 30 repetitions and repeat the same with the other leg. Also Read - Urvashi Rautela Aces 65kg Kneeling Squats, Serves Major Fitness Goals | Watch

Utthita Hasta Padangustasana or extended hand to toe pose: This is not as complicated as it sounds. You need to stand straight and gradually lift up the right leg (toe) with your right hand. Make sure you are able to balance yourself. Then extend the leg forward while still holding the toe. Stay in this position as long as you can. Then slowly release. Repeat with the other leg.