Do you feel beautiful with makeup or without it? At times, women wearing makeup are looked down and shamed in society. And, at times makeup is also linked with women’s character and behaviour. But is it fine for any of us to judge a woman’s personal choice of wearing makeup? In this video, Sipping Thoughts team expresses their views and opinions as we discuss the topic: ‘Makeup or no makeup for women’. Also Read - 7 Beauty Hacks Every Bride-to-be Should Follow to Get a Healthy And Glowing Skin

Natural skin is flawless for sure but many women don’t feel confident enough to walk out of their houses without makeup and that’s okay. For some women, makeup is not suitable or not desirable and that’s okay too. The choice of wearing makeup or not is of a woman. If women feel confident and beautiful in makeup then they should wear it without hesitation and feeling guilty about it. Also Read - Beauty Benefits of Coconut oil: Here's How This Super Hair Ingredient Can Make Your Tresses Look Healthy And Shiny

Makeup is unnatural for many people. They think it is a way for women to hide their actual faces. Some people also think that women wear makeup to please men. Some believe makeup on women offends god. But, none of these are true. The sole truth is to feel confident and happy in what you do and wear. Know more about how to pull makeup look and feel absolutely cool about it after watching this video.

The ongoing trend is ‘the no-makeup look’ but doesn’t get confused by its name as it is nothing as its name suggests. The ‘no makeup look’ requires more makeup than the normal makeup look. Also, celebrities nowadays are posting their pictures without makeup to normalize flaws or scars on their faces. It is also to accept their real skin. But is it true or just another social media trending campaign or a publicity gimmick?

The lamest thing women are tired of hearing is: “I like you without makeup”. Get yourself out of this mess and listen to your heart. What you want is more important than what others want. Things that you should look for while wearing makeup are: How comfortable are you with it and how good you feel about it. That’s it. It is all about learning to accept yourself the way you are.