Twinkle Khanna is known for her quirky personality and hilarious sense of humour. Mrs Funnybones doesn’t shy away from voicing her strong opinion out in the best way possible. She, most of the times picks up basic but significant social topics that need attention in order to bring some positive changes in the way our society functions.Also Read - Twinkle Khanna Shares Photos of Flamingos in Mumbai, Post Goes Viral

‘Pyjamas are Forgiving’ author has yet again opted for a common issue, to which, most of the women can relate. In India, ladies are always associated with cooking as if they were born to prepare scrumptious dishes and do household chores. Whereas, men are always considered the breadwinner of the family. Though, now, women are also taking up the responsibility of being the money earning member along with doing the household work, men are not showing the same enthusiasm. They probably feel entitled to have a certain luxury when it comes getting responsibilities at home. Also Read - Twinkle Khanna 'Feels Proud' of Hubby Akshay Kumar For Donating Rs 25 Crore to PM Relief Fund

Twinkle Khanna believes, gender should not be the basis of sharing work at home. It should be divided among the family members as per their skill sets. If you are an ardent follower of the author, you must be knowing that she doesn’t know cooking. And, that’s why, her husband Akshay Kumar and Son Aarav Kumar have taken the responsibility to prepare food during the lockdown, when house help is not available. Also Read - Twinkle Khanna Gets Stumped With Akshay Kumar-Nitara's COVID-19 Quarantine Fun And THIS Picture is Proof!

Twinkle Khanna recently talked about the same in an interview to IANS. She asked, why should women be expected to do all household chores? The actress-turned-author emphasised that household work should be shared between family members and noted how her husband, actor Akshay Kumar, has taken charge of kitchen duties during the lockdown.

“Men and women should share responsibilities. I feel responsibilities should not be shared according to gender. They should be shared according to skill sets. If you put someone like me in kitchen, I would be miserable. I find cooking stressful, and it is a genuine problem,” said Twinkle.

“But my husband and son cook. They enjoy cooking. They put on some music and come up with fabulous dishes. I am the one who is awful at cooking. I like to organise things, I order groceries, wash utensils. Cooking is not my cup of tea. Every household should divide up chores according to people’s skill sets. Gender has nothing to do with it,” she pointed out.

Twinkle says thanks to Akshay and son Aarav’s cooking skills, she has found a silver lining amid the Covid-19 gloom. “It’s a blessing. My son cooks, but I did not know he could cook so many things. Only during lockdown, I have discovered that he knows how to make rajmah and pizza from scratch. He can also make Tiramisu dessert. We have not ordered in food even for a day because we have our own two chefs in the kitchen! So I think that has been the silver lining,” Twinkle quipped.

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