Foods play a significant role when it comes to weight loss. If you are trying to shed those extra kilos, you are advised to opt for filling and nutritious food items during breakfast and the first meal of the day for you should be well-balanced. Oats and Dalia are two food items that are widely consumed to have a lean body. These are used to prepare some sweet dishes and can be eaten on their own too. But, which one of them is more effective in weight loss? Let’s find out together. Also Read - Best Weight Loss Tea: Cinnamon Tea Will Help You Reduce Those Extra Kilos You Got in Quarantine

Oats For Weight Loss

Being rich in fiber, oats can keep you satiated for long and can stop you from munching on unhealthy foods. It also keeps your digestive system healthy and prevents the onset of issues like acid reflux. Also, it contains good carbs that can give the energy to perform the daily tasks efficiently. Oats are packed with other essential nutrients including protein, manganese, iron, and phosphorus. Moreover, oats are low in fats and calories. Therefore, including them in your daily diet can help you maintain your calorie count. Also Read - Weight Loss: Nutritionist Prachi Purii on How to Curb Your Overeating Habits

Dalia For Weight Loss

Also known as Bulgar wheat, Dalia is a healthy breakfast option especially if you are on a weight loss diet. It is prepared using whole raw grains and is quite nutritious. It contains nutrients including iron, folate, copper, niacin, magnesium, etc. Dalia is rich in fiber and can prevent overeating just like oats. This cereal grain promotes your gut health too and prevents the onset of constipation, a factor behind weight gain. Also Read - Ragi, Oats or Jowar Atta: Know What's Healthier For Weight Loss

Oats vs Dalia

Both the food items have almost similar nutritional abundance and help you lose weight in more or less the same way. So, you can have both oats and Dalia in the breakfast preferably on an alternate days.