Obesity comes with an array of health problems. From heart disease to mobility problem, and stroke, excess weight can put you at risk of life-threatening diseases. And now, lung disease is another health hazard that has been associated with obesity. According to a study published in the European Respiratory Journal, in people who are overweight, fat can accumulate in the lungs. They are also at high risk of developing asthma and wheezing. The research also revealed that the amount of fatty tissue accumulation in the walls of the airways increases with an increase in BMI. This condition is called lipoid pneumonia, which is characterised by chest pain, difficulty in breathing, fever, chronic cough etc.

If the research result is true, the normal structure of the airways will be altered and you will experience inflammation in the lungs with the increased weight. This calls for effective preventive measures in order to keep your lungs clean and healthy. Therefore, here we tell you about a list of things that you can do at your home to be away from any such problem.

Exercise regularly

A daily workout can control your BMI. It can keep the fat deposition at bay by increasing your body’s metabolism and fat burning capacity. During exercise, different moves wor hard to increase your breathing rate and oxygen supply to the muscles. It will also improve your blood circulation and will make your body effective in removing extra carbon dioxide accumulated in the system.

Consume green tea

Containing various antioxidants, green tea can reduce inflammation and fat deposition in your lungs. If you are a smoker, green tea can also protect you from the harmful effects of cigarette particles. According to a study published in The Journal of Nutrition, consuming green tea twice a day can improve your lung function.

Avoid eating fatty food

When your lungs are already trying to cope up with the excessive fat deposits, eating fatty food can make the condition even worse. In this situation, you need to keep these food at bay. So, having french fries, potato chips, sugary drinks, white bread, candy bars, cookies, pastries etc. is strick ‘No” No’ in this condition.