Hartalika Teej is celebrated in north India where women dress up, offer prayers to Shiva and Parvati and also observe a fast on the festival. This year it falls on August 24 and this fast is a rigorous one as it lasts for a whole day and women refrain from drinking water or eating anything. While most fasts allow drinking water and the consumption of fruits, etc, in this fast, women do not have even a single drop of water. This makes it extremely difficult as well especially if you are suffering from any health issues. It is best to stay away from fasting if your health does not permit it but even a healthy person can feel weak if they do not drink water for a long time. Here is what happens to your body when don’t drink water.


Dehydration is when your body does not get the required amount of water it needs to function well. You start feeling multiple things like weakness, dizziness, thirsty, etc and that makes it difficult to get any tasks done. If not paid attention, dehydration can lead to serious health implications as well. (ALSO SEE Tips to get the traditional look of Hartalika Teej)


Feeling dizzy during the fast? It is because your body is deprived of food and water which act as fuels to make it function well. When you take these away, your body reacts by showing signs of weakness. If you don’t rest or drink water or eat, you can even faint and fall unconscious.

Low blood pressure

Because you are low on sugar, water, food, your body’s blood glucose levels fall and sometimes go down below the normal level that results in a drop in the blood pressure. Too much drop can cause fainting as well so it is best to consume something to bring it back to normal.


Functioning without your body’s fuel will result in fatigue and tiredness and so if you are observing a fast, it is best to rest and not do too much of physical activity so that you can conserve your body’s energy until the fast is over.


While headache can be due to multiple reasons, if you are observing a fast, chances are, it is due to the lack of energy, water and food. And because you are not eating anything, don’t take any medication either. Just lie down and rest and if it gets worse, consider eating and drinking something.

Photograph: Shutterstock