Have you ever wondered if somebody could honestly tell you how good you are in bed? Or have you dreaded somebody being brutally honest to you about your sexual performance? Well, whatever your thoughts may have been, we news for you folks. Good or bad is for you to decide! ALSO READ These 10 best selling sex products 2016 are bound to make your New Year spicier Also Read - Condom Use Significantly Increased in Mumbai, National Family Health Survey Finds

A smart condom will soon change the way you have had sex all these years. This condom known as the i.Con is from the British Condoms and is said to be one of the best condoms ever. Now do you want to know what makes it the best and what makes it so different from the rest? Well, compared to the variety of condoms you get to buy at your nearest drug store, the i.Con is a ring condom and it tracks every bit of your sexual activity. In fact it will also detect any kind of sexually transmitted diseases; at least that is what the maker of this condom has stated to several news agencies. ALSO READ 5 things every woman must know about using a lube! Also Read - British Man Used to Secretly Pierce Holes in Condom to 'Improve Intimacy' During Sex, Jailed For Rape

Another best part about this condom is that it comes with a one year warranty and has a charging port so that a person using it can get a minimum of six to eight hours of use.  There is only one size and there will be a band given with it to adjust according to your size.
And there is also no fear about privacy since every information’s secured unless you want to share it with friends and boast of your sex skills. Also Read - Sale of Condoms & Sex Toys Skyrocket As Indians Make the Most of Coronavirus Lockdown

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Now lets us tell you the things that this smart condom can detect:

1. How many calories you have burnt during sex?

2. A count on the number of thrusts your man did

3. It also tells you how frequently you guys have sex

4. How long your sex lasted!

5. The speed and intensity of the thrusts and movements and also the different positions that you used or should use, more like a tutor.

6. Also this one is pretty fascinating, it will also let you know who the word is performing and compare and give you the results. You will be ranked based in your performance which can be either really self boosting or can be pretty demotivating. ALSO READ Sex positions for sex toys: 6 best sex positions that are apt for your sex toy!

You can buy these condoms at the British Condoms website and it will cost about Rs 5000. Yes, that is a lot of money.  From when will it be available is something that is yet to be announced.  You will have to get it shipped form UK because obviously this is not available in our country. ALSO READ 9 things you should never, ever do to your penis!

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