Earth Day 2020: April 22 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day that aims to protect our planet by not taking it for granted and by bringing some environmental reforms. This year, the day holds a greater significance as right now the world is grappled with COVID-19 pandemic that doesn’t seem to be vanishing anytime soon.Also Read - Trending News Today April 22, 2020: Google Celebrates Earth Day 2020 With Interactive Doodle Highlighting Importance of Bees, Marks 50th Anniversary

Isn’t it true that we understand something’s value only when it seems to be going away from us or we are on the verge of losing our lives? At least the current health crisis has highlighted this only. Health and nature were probably never so important for us than now. Suddenly we are reflecting back on our relationship with mother Earth, may be because of the powerful message that it has surprised us with, through coronavirus. Also Read - Entertainment News Today April 22, 2020: Sara Ali Khan Wishes Fans 'Happy Earth Day', Ishaan Khatter's Hilarious Poetic Correction Will Leave You in Splits

Changing climate and natural disasters are also the reason why we are giving significance to the Earth Day. Even if we have taken so much time to think about our planet, now is the time to look back and correct our mistakes because otherwise, we will soon in the age of extinction and will reach the point where irreversible environmental damage could be wrought. Also Read - World Earth Day: Eco friendly Cars and SUVs in India

Earth Day was first observed on April 22, 1970 in the U.S. On the occasion, 10 per cent of the then U.S. population came out of their houses to protest against environmental ignorance. They also demanded a positive change to save our planet.

We need to do the same. Now is the time to be hopeful, optimistic, and take appropriate actions for a better tomorrow. This year the theme of Earth Day is ‘Climate Action’. So, let’s have greater ambition to tackle climate change. Be innovative and do your own bit to save our planet. Educate people about the impact of their deeds on our planet, cut down on what you throw away, conserve water, and plant a tree to help protect the Earth.