Brie Larson is leaving no stone unturned to prepare for her role as Carol Danvers or as the world would like to know her – Captain Marvel. The actress who rose to prominence when she won the Academy Award for her role in the 2015 drama, Room, has been working really hard on her body for the new challenge. Captain Marvel is a character that displays tremendous physical strength and agility. As such, it requires for any actor playing it to spend hours in training. (ALSO SEE 7 times Ryan Gosling proved no one can beat him at his suit game) It is clear that the talented and hard-working actress is aware of this and is all set to do justice to the role. She recently posted a video of her workout and from what we can see, it is quite inspiring! Also Read - IRFC IPO: Price Band to Subscription Details, All You Need to Know

As she rightly says, several months of training can do wonders to your body. So stop giving those excuses and get to the gym NOW! These pull ups may seem quite difficult now but before you even know it, you will be doing them just like Brie!