Pakistan is facing a typhoid outbreak since November 2016. This has affected a total of 11,000 people in the country till now. Most of these affected people belong to the Sindh province. To tackle this problem and combat a drug-resistant strain of typhoid, a bacterial disease, Pakistan has introduced a new typhoid vaccine called typhoid conjugate vaccine (TVC). With this move, Pakistan has become the first country worldwide to introduce TCV into its routine immunization program. Here we give you all the required information about this disease to protect yourself from its onset.

Caused by Salmonella typhi bacteria, typhoid fever is a serious health disease. It spreads through the intake of contaminated food and water. Also, close contact with an infected person can make you susceptible to the condition. Typhoid is characterized by symptoms like headache, fever, muscle ache, dry cough, rashes, loss of appetite, etc. If not managed on time, typhoid fever can cause intestinal bleeding. You may also experience perforated intestine that can lead to the leakage of intestinal contents into your abdominal cavity. The condition can lead to complications like pneumonia, inflammation of the heart muscles, kidney infection, or even psychiatric problems.

To avoid the onset of such conditions, you should prevent typhoid in the first place. To do that, you need to consume clean drinking water and maintain good hygiene. In case you are travelling to a place where the risk of getting the infection is high, you must get yourself vaccinated. But do remember that typhoid vaccines provide protection up to some extents only. So, always follow the basic rules of typhoid prevention. Do not forget to wash your hands frequently (before and after eating or/and making food, post using the toilet). Also, do not drink untreated water or eat raw vegetables. Prefer having hot food.