Parenting during the current pandemic is not the way it used to be earlier. Now, you are managing a lot of other things along with your kids. A combined pressure of completing household chores, office work, and helping kids with study and hobbies can make anyone’s life, a nightmare. No wonder you feel extremely exhausted at the end of every day during this pandemic. Though you may be trying your best to cope up with this challenging time and parenting your little ones at the same time, stress is something you cannot get rid of. Also Read - Parenting Tips: Simple Things You Need to Keep in Mind to Raise a Healthy And Happy Child

Guilt of not being 100 per cent there for kids due to office work and also not being able to fully concentrate on your work can make things extremely complicated and stressful. As a result of this, you may start shouting and yelling at your kids. But, that’s not a solution to your problems. It will only increase the issues. To be able to be calm while parenting during this pandemic, you just need to be aware of certain tips. Let’s know about them one by one. Also Read - Parenting in a Pandemic: Introduce Healthy Lifestyle to Your Child With These Simple Ways During COVID-19 Pandemic

Play With Your Children

Current time is hard for your kids too. Closing of educational institutions, the pressure of online classes, and not being able to step outside to play with friends can make your kids anxious and depressed. So, it is important to take out time and play with them. This will also act therapeutic for you and will lower your stress level. Sharing a comforting hug with your kids would also be a great idea to connect with them and cope with this hard time. Also Read - Parenting: These Signs Are Proof, You Are Unknowingly Mom-Shaming Yourself

Set a Routine And Spend Some Quality Time With Family

Follow a set routine at home and encourage your kids to do the same. It will help you have some control over your little ones. Also, make a habit of having at least one meal of the day together. And, keep your electronic devices away during this quality time. Talk to your family members and spend some relaxed time with them and alone too.

Do Not Try to be a Super Woman or Man

Do not try to do everything suggested on the Internet. Grab good things that are doable and do not compare yourself with others. Every parent has a different way of parenting and therefore look for ways that work for you.