Parenting is not easy. It is one of the most daunting tasks in the world. Giving birth to a child is extremely painful and taking care of that newborn is even tougher. Fulfilling your child’s innumerable needs can leave you stressed and depressed. Even after doing everything possible, you would sometimes feel that you are not a good parent and should not have take the decision of having a baby. This thinking majorly comes when the people around you start judging every action of yours. Usually, working moms are criticized for various things like not giving enough time to their children, for opting for formula milk instead of breastfeeding, etc.Also Read - Parenting Tips: 4 Things You Should Learn From Japanese Parents

A mother’s battle is beyond your imagination. And, every mother has their own experiences that make their parenthood different. Ladies are not born mothers. They learn with experience and therefore you must not scrutinize their work or question their love for their children as doing that can instil the thought of being a useless mother in them. This will gradually make them feel low leading to self-shaming. Here are certain signs that prove, you are shaming yourself through inner dialogues. Also Read - The Art of Conscious Parenting is All You Need to Learn to Correctly Shape Your Child's Life

You feel a sense of failure when your child gets hurt

Kids are quite curious and therefore they want to touch and eat everything they see. Also, they do not have a sense of falling or getting hurt. So these tiny creatures climb, jump, shuffle, and do everything that seems possible to them to get what they want. In the process, they keep falling and scraping their knees. This doesn’t mean that you have failed as a parent. You should just be careful and try to protect your child as much as possible. Also Read - Parenting Tips: Here is How You Can Control Your Emotions And Care For Your Newborn

You blame yourself for not being a super mom

There is a common notion that mothers are born with superpowers and therefore they must do everything perfectly without fail. If you believe in this, it’s time to do some mind shaking. Nobody is inherently a superman or superwoman. Being a mother and taking care of your child is a great achievement in itself. Forgetting a few things is normal and should not be over-analysed. Whatever you are doing for your kid is more and better than anybody else could have done for him. So, feel good about it instead of beating yourself down.

You ignores your needs

It is common to see mothers sacrificing their lives for the sake of their families. You do not need to put yourself last and ignore your well-being to cater to the needs of your children. Get time for yourself and do things that make you happy.