Parenting is not an easy job especially when you hardly get time to snooze. In fact, it becomes a nightmare for a few parents. And, it gets tougher day by day when a child becomes aware of things around him and start to grab all the unhealthy habits including eating junk food, increased screen time, over-dependence on technology etc. Therefore, as parents, you must be extra cautious of things you do and examples you set because your children are watching you and going to imitate the same things no matter how much you ask them to do otherwise. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure your child is growing happy and healthy.Also Read - Parenting in a Pandemic: Introduce Healthy Lifestyle to Your Child With These Simple Ways During COVID-19 Pandemic

Physical Activity

A child should at least do 60 minutes of physical activity daily till the age of 17 to avoid obesity, allergies, and other health elements that are quite common these days. This is what the WHO recommends. Letting your child indulge in physical activities for more than an hour can give additional benefits. Also Read - Parenting: These Signs Are Proof, You Are Unknowingly Mom-Shaming Yourself

Set a Screen-Time

We understand that technology plays a significant role in the lives of students. Online classes and tests have made the use of laptops and phones necessary. But that should not become an easy excuse for your child to spend hours looking at the blue screen. It can impact his sleep cycle and eyesight. Also Read - Parenting Tips: 4 Things You Should Learn From Japanese Parents

Include Healthy Foods in Your kid’s Diet

Providing a healthy nutrition to your child can improve his cognitive capacity and memory. Include green leafy vegetables, fruits, and juices in your child’s daily diet for him to be healthy and happy.