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Patanjali Launches Coronavirus Medicine: What is Coronil And How it Helps in Treating COVID-19 Patients?

According to Patanjali Ayurveda, Coronil and Awasari drug has shown 100 per cent recovery rate during the trial of COVID-19 patients. Let's know more about this drug and how it works.

Published: June 24, 2020 11:57 AM IST

By Lifestyle Staff | Edited by Juhi Kumari

The Coronil kit launched by Patanjali Ayurveda.
Earlier last year, Patanjali had claimed that its Ayurvedic medicine 'coronil' can cure coronavirus infection.

While the wold is yet struggling to develop an effective medicine for COVID-19, Patanjali has claimed to have found the cure for coronavirus and emerged out victorious. This firm has launched a herbal medicine called ‘Coronil and Swasari’, that it claims to cure the novel coronavirus infection within 7 days. According to Patanjali Ayurveda, Coronil and Awasari drug has shown 100 per cent recovery rate during the trial of COVID-19 patients. Let’s know more about this drug and how it works.

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What is Coronil?

It is a medicine that has been developed in a joint research by Patanjali Research Insitute and National Institue of Medical Science, Jaipur. It is claimed to be a clinically approved medicine for coronavirus patients. As per Swami Ramdev, 69 per cent patients with COVID-19 tested negative during the clinical trials of this medicine, in just 3 days. And, 100 per cent recovered completely within 7 days. Its effectiveness is said to be due to the herbal ingredients used to prepare coronil. Though various ingredients were used for developing this drug, the 3 major components were Giloy, Ashwagandha, Tulsi. These herbs are known to have medicinal benefits for a long time. Let’s know how these plants help in treating COVID-19 patients.

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This ancient herb has numerous benefits. If we talk about its role in treating coronavirus patients, firstly Ashwagandha is known to boost immunity with the help of its antioxidant properties. It contains certain bio-actives that interact with SARS-Co-2. This herb has a natural compound called withanone (Wi-N), that can block the replication process of the novel virus and treat the condition. Also, it reduces the level of stress hormone called cortisol, which increases when you are suffering from deadly diseases like coronavirus. Apart from this, Ashwagandha has anti-cancer properties and can improve your body’s muscle mass and strength.


Giloy is packed with antioxidants that are known to neutralise free radicals and prevent inflammation. Also, it purifies blood, increases immunity, removes toxins from the body and fights against bacteria and virus effectively. Consuming Giloy juice can help you get rid of fever, which is one of the signs of COVID-19. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in tackling respiratory problems like cough, cold, and breathing problems. These are also major signs of the novel coronavirus infection.


Also known as basil, Tulsi has a rich nutritional value. It contains iron, zinc, vitamin A, C, calcium etc. It acts as an adaptogen and promotes mental balance. Notably, Tulsi prevents the onset of certain respiratory disorders like cough, cold, asthma and bronchitis. Tulsi works in this regard due to its immunomodulatory, antitussive, and expectorant properties. It also has certain essential oils that relieve congestion.

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