Sex is so beautiful. We earlier told you why having sex daily is probably one of the best thing you could do. From health benefits to glowing skin and better relationships, sex comes with a lot of benefits. And thus it is no surprise that several people enjoy sex and there are some who just cannot do without sex. There are people around this world who would give up some other pleasures of life for sex. And are you wondering how do we know this? A group of good folks at conducted a research around this to find out how much do people like sex and what would they rather give up for it. Interesting right? Well, there is more and you will be surprised.

So the team at asked around 2000 people who were sexually active the infamous ‘ Would you rather’ questions. This game has always made its place during drinking sessions. So the team though it would be brilliant if they could ask people around, the same and ask them would they be willing to give up anything for sex. The findings are going to leave you surprised.

75% of the respondents said that they are willing to give up on alcohol for sex. Now this one is a good surprise, because alcohol has not really done any good to anyone ever. Sex, however, is so awesome. The infographics below tells you the responses by gender.


And 73 % of the respondents said that they would give up on partying for sexual intercourse.  Another very interesting question asked was, ‘ Would you rather lose a limb than never have sex again.’ 82.5% men said they would rather lose a finger than be deprived their whole lives. Ouch! Whereas women, around 57.1% of them also preferred the same.


Now who doesn’t love chocolates. When the team asked, ‘ Would you rather give up on chocolates or sex?’, 87.8% of men said they would any day ditch their sweet tooth cravings for something more pleasurable- sex.  And 69. 5% women also said the same.

One thing is pretty evident from this survey that sex does play a very important role in people’s lives. Just ensue that whole you are sexually active you also take good care of your sexual health. Practice safe sex and stay away from infections.  For a detailed information about this brilliants survey and the interesting findings, you can go to


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