Is your blood group type ‘A’? If yes, you are at an increased risk of getting coronavirus infection compared to those with other blood group types. This is what a new Chinese study has revealed. According to the scientists, those with type ‘O’ blood group are more resistant to the virus than people belonging to any other blood groups. Also Read - First Confirmed Case of Coronavirus in Indian Army As Jawan in Ladakh Tests Positive for COVID-19

For the research, the scientists took the blood samples of 2,000 patients affected with COVID-19 in Wuhan and Shenzhen. They then checked the blood group patterns of the affected people and compared them with the local population. The study results suggested that individuals with blood group type ‘A’ are more prone to develop severe symptoms than people of any other group. Also Read - COVID-19 Pandemic: Federation of Western India Cine Employees Announces Relief Plan for Needy Members

This shows concern for a particular group of the population in the world. Strengthened personal protection is needed to give to those with blood group ‘A’ in order to minimize their chance to get the infection. Also Read - Ramiz Raja Claims England Opener Alex Hales Shown COVID-19 Symptoms Before Leaving PSL 2020

Though the research is still in its preliminary stage, the team has urged the governments and medical facilities to take the study results into account while dealing with the patients of coronavirus and pay special focus on those with blood group type ‘A’. As per the study data, of 206 COVID-19 patients who succumbed to the virus in Wuhan, 85 belonged to blood type ‘A’. And, this number is 63 per cent more than the number of COVID-19 patients with blood type ‘O’, who were killed by the virus.

Notably, COVID-19 has affected a total of 143 people in India until now and 3 among them have already died. As per the WHO report, as of March 17, there were 184,976 confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide whereas 7529 people lost their lives. Looking at the increasing number of patients every day, we can say that this pandemic is going to be worse than what it is now. All we can do at this time is to keep ourselves clean and minimize social gatherings and contacts.