You must have heard of ‘love at first sight’. Ever wondered how can somebody fall in love by just looking at a person? Well, it is just so easy for a few people to like someone and get married soon after. However, there are some whose idea of falling in love starts with a set of questions and doubts. They analyse every single word and action of the other person and play cautiously before committing to a relationship. These individuals are quite practical and do not believe in fairy tales of love. Their over analysis nature and high expectations make it quite difficult for others to fall for them. They belong to a group of certain zodiac signs. Let’s talk about them one by one. Also Read - April 2020 Monthly Horoscope Predictions For All Zodiac Signs- Read Here


People belonging to this zodiac sign are quite stubborn and jealous. They are highly possessive and greedy. Aries men and women want all of their desires to be fulfilled at a time. Additionally, they mostly prefer a submissive partner. Though they are loyal, flirting is something they cannot control. This can be uncomfortable for their partners. Also Read - Lunar Eclipse 2019: How Chandra Grahan May Affect Each Zodiac Sign on 16 July


Scorpio is popularly known as one of the most mysterious signs. People of this zodiac sign are quite misunderstood due to their dynamic personalities. Their hasty and determined behaviour can sometimes be quite a lot to take for others. Though Scorpio is the most loyal sign, people belonging to it are quite manipulative and vicious. They just can’t tolerate or forgive a wrongdoing. If you have broken their trust once, you have lost them forever. Also Read - Artist's Take on What Different Zodiac Signs Mean is Unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen


People of Sagittarius sun sign are absolutely in love with their freedom. They feel reluctant in doing anything that can restrict their freedom. Also, they get bored easily and won’t even think twice before ending a relationship out of boredom. They need to have excitement in life every-time.


Libras are quite indecisive when it comes to love. They declare their love before realizing if it is true. Additionally, their love for superficiality can be unattractive for others. They judge people based on their outer appearances. They can fall for anyone who seems sophisticated and charming.