Periorbital dark circles are a result of various factors including lack of sleep, hangovers, allergies, smoking and iron deficiency. Dark circles could also be a result of genes and ageing. The skin around our eyes is very delicate and thin which makes the blood vessels and tissues underneath visible. This gives your undereye area a dark appearance almost like blemishes. There are certain things you can immediately start doing which will help reduce the appearance of dark circles and make your eyes look fresher and brighter. Here are some of them: Also Read - Yoga For Immunity: 3 Yoga Asanas That Can Boost Your Immune System

1) Water and sleep: Before you try any home remedies, the one thing you need to do right away is to ensure adequate water intake and a good 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Once you are able to achieve these two seemingly easy tasks, you will be on the right track. Also Read - Yoga During Pregnancy: Easy And Best Yogasanas For Pregnant Women | Exclusive

2) Oil massage: Certain facial oils are very effective in reducing dark circles and puffiness around your eyes. Almond oil, argan oil and castor oil are rich in nutrients that can help boost the skin’s health and the massage will increase blood circulation which will help make the skin around your eyes look firmer and lighter. Also Read - Yoga For Breastfeeding Mothers: Best Asanas And Mudras to Stay Calm, Strong And Agile

3) Natural eye masks: One of the oldest and best ways to soothe tired eyes is by placing cold slices of cucumber on your eyes. Just lay still for about 15 minutes as the cucumber works its magic. Ice cubes or aloe vera gel is also great for this purpose. These help relieve inflammation and hence reduce the darkness. You can also place green tea bags in the fridge for some time and then place them on your eyes to help soothe them. Potato slices work very well too.

4) Yoga asanas: Yoga, especially those asanas which help the blood flow to your head and eyes can help reduce dark circles, fine lines and delay wrinkles around the eyes. The legs-up-the-wall pose or Viparita Karani or Surya Namaskar will help achieve the result.

5) Undereye creams and gels: You must always use undereye creams, especially at night when the skin repairs itself. Look for creams that have ingredients like Vitamin E or aloe vera or retinol that can help boost collagen.

6) Cut down on salt: Fluid retention is a major cause of dark, puffy eyes. Regulate the salt content in your diet and see what a difference it makes.