Pierre Cardin, a renowned French designer, whose exceptional visions made him what he was, is no more now. The legendry man died at 98, informed France’s Academy of Fine Arts. He was an innovator who saw no boundaries when it came to creating something new and thinking out of the box. He explored the impossible and was always a step ahead of tomorrow. That is the reason, the man who was once the youngest fashion designer in Paris later became popular as the oldest by 2018. Also Read - Pierre Cardin — Who Invented Business Of Fashion — Dies At 98

You may remember Pierre Cardin as a man whose certain creations were impossible to wear or extremely expensive. But, you also cannot deny the fact that he gave young men, their identity in the 1950s when men used to wear baggy suits with bulky collars, tails, cuffs, and tapered trousers and used to look aged. At that time, he created a revolutionary look for the young generation and brought the fashion of stiff white shirts and boxy jackets. The radical tailoring of the clothes helped the young men differentiate themselves from the older generation.

Pierre Cardin did not just stop there. His imagination took him too far than any one of us can even think of. His futuristic imagination helped him try his hands in different areas including ladies’ couture, perfume, furniture, etc. Soon after that, his name was visible on almost every item in the market like watches and ballpoint pen. He was a terrific businessman whose parents wanted him to become an architect when he was young but destiny had something exceptional for him. In one of his interviews with a renowned media house, he had once said, “The clothes that I prefer are those I invent for a life that doesn’t exist yet – the world of tomorrow.”

We salute this extraordinary man for his unprecedented journey and pray for the peace of his soul.

Let’s have a look at a few inventions by Pierre Cardin: