“A lady’s hair is her crowning glory!” Quoted perfectly, hair is a girl’s most fashionable accessory, after her smile of course!

While our preferences differ, girls with long hair have always been perceived as eternally beautiful, while girls with short hair are often perceived as bold, wild and rebellious. While these classic stereotypes cease to fade, with a fast paced life, maintaining your crowning glory is tedious and cumbersome.  (Also Read: Flaunt these chic hairstyles for short hair this Wedding Season with POPxo!)

We girls seem to have a love-hate relationship with our hair! We often resort to maintaining our locks with those occasional salon trips for regular trimming. The hair stylist a la Edward Scissorhands, chops off those lovely locks a tad more than we anticipate. We cannot help but regret and resolve to grow our hair again! Considering the slow fact that the human hair grows approximately half an inch per month, the resolve to grow back your lost locks seems far fetched! An appropriate diet with a dash of those multi-vitamins and regular scalp massages do aid growth hair, all in vain! Such is the vicious circle of life! (Also Read: Be a perfect bridesmaid this wedding season with POPxo’s easy makeup tutorial!)

If you are a victim of such a hairdresser attack and long for those lost locks, fret not! POPxo has eased our hair woes with an awesome video. This video shows us a simple and effective technique called Inversion Method which claims to render hair growth to an inch in just seven days. The underlying principle is that upon inversion of the head and massaging the scalp increases the blood circulation to dormant hair follicles, thereby promoting growth. You can also use an oil of your choice to massage the scalp while tilting your head a bit.

This method is not scientifically proven but quite a few bloggers have vouched for its effectiveness., documenting their progress. This method should be repeated for only consecutive 7 days/one week and re-attempted with a gap of 3 weeks, lest your body gets used to the extra blood flow.

A word of caution also exists before attempting this method and should be avoided completely for conditions like pregnancy, hernia, low or high blood pressure*, recent stroke, heart or circulatory problems, glaucoma, conjunctivitis (“pink eye”), detached retina, spinal injury, swollen joints, osteoporosis, unhealed fractures or injuries, ear infection, menstruation and obesity.

So girls! Watch the video, do attempt (keeping the cautions in mind) and accelerate the growth of your crowning glory !