Are you addicted to porn videos? Do you feel almost impossible to spend even a single day without watching porn? Doing that can impact your brain in a way you would have never imagined. Watching adult videos creates changes in the wiring of your brain. It damages a significant part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex. This region of the brain is responsible for controlling impulses, morality, and willpower.

Having a habit of watching porn regularly can play with your emotions and negatively impact your decision making, says a study conducted at the Laval University. In short, this common habit can bring your brain back to the juvenile state. Yes, you read it right. Here, one of the most significant things is that porn sites promise to provide sexual satisfaction and gratification by making adult videos easily available to you, however, the end result is entirely opposite. The more you watch porn, the more you crave for it. Gradually, watching porn videos becomes a habit that seems difficult to get away with. The neurological repercussions of watching porn are catastrophic and can make you mentally ill.

Porn actually hijacks your neural wiring and affects your behaviour. Today, the easier accessibility of porn videos and the option to remain anonymous make us more vulnerable than ever to its hyper-stimulating effects.

If we talk about the sexual issues that come with overindulgence in pornography, people are experiencing sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, and inability to feel the desire. This means, instead of sensitizing your reward circuits, porn videos desensitize them and cause sexual issues. This problem can further lead to anxiety and depression, psychological issues that are associated with various other health ailments.