Pornhub once again came up with a very interesting survey.  This time their survey spilled out a lot of information on ejaculations.  This was specifically targeted at men, obviously and thus the survey was conducted with the help of AskMen.  The survey talks about ejaculations with or without a partner.   To get clarity on this subject, over 4000 men were asked and requested to share their experiences.Also Read - Anupamaa Dussehra Twist: Anuj Kapadia Defines Toxic Masculinity For Samar, Buys Lehenga For Anupama

Porn watching is a trend that has existed in the society for long now. Though it is still considered as a taboo and not many people prefer talking about their sexual habits, everybody watches or has watched porn at least once on their lifetime.  It is pleasurable for several men and woman and having said that we were wondering how long do men actually last while watching porn.  Whether you are doing with you partner or solo, this is one question that has been lingering in several minds that how long do men actually last. That is how the survey caught our attention.  So as per what the survey says, this is what the facts and figures are. Also Read - PF Member's Nominee Can Avail Benefits Up To Rs 7 Lakh; Details Here

The survey states that 46% of men ejaculate within 10 to 15 minutes of masturbating.  And this amount of time is taken by men only if they are not watching porn. If they are watching porn and masturbating at the same time, they will be done in just 3 to 10 minutes.  The 46% of men also stated that a lot depends on the position.  They say if you are masturbating lying down on bed with your legs bent towards your butt, then chances are you will take longer. However if you lay down straight with your legs straight, it is a lot easier to ejaculate. Also Read - Tata Punch Launched In India, Starting Price Of Rs 5.49 Lakh Valid Till December 31 Only

Interestingly, the survey also says that 39% of men last longer with their partner. This comes as good news to all the ladies! Men said that they would love to last longer on bed with their partner, especially if the woman is really good on bed and also because they do care about their partner’s pleasure.

40% of men who used sex toys that they ejaculated quicker than ever. This is because the habit of masturbating wit hands is broken with a foreign object. So that feels really exotic and it is tough to hold on for long.

Good news for men is that 53% of men stated that even if they ejaculated too quickly with partner, they were never made to feel ashamed or guilty. In fact the women often take it as a confidence boost.

35% of men admitted to feeling ashamed for not coming.  This shame and guilt was not given to them by their partner. They themselves felt ashamed about not coming in spite of being assured b their partner. However the relief is that there are 44% men who are pretty confident about ejaculating at the right time. Not bad, guys!

Meanwhile sad for the 6% men who have not been able to climax at all and they are clueless as to why this happens! You can also read another very fascinating survey that was carried out by Pornhub. ( Read Here Pornhub has revealed our deepest, darkest desires;Porn survey throws light on our sexual behavior).

Infographic courtesy: Pornhub and AskMen