Taking up her workout routine in all seriousness, just a few days after she delivered baby Izhaan, ace Indian tennis player Sania Mirza, is all set to make her comeback into the international circuit by Olympics 2020 and is seen religiously pumping up in the gym. In her latest Instagram post, which she shared a few hours ago, the gorgeous new mommy is seen flexing her muscles, all to get her core to be as strong as before.

In the shared picture, Sania is seen in a maroon tee, with matching workout shoes and purple athleisure, grinding away to physical victory. With her hair pulled back in a bun, Sania is seen sweating it out and in an update to fans over her progress, she wrote, “The toughest thing for me after pregnancy has been trying to get my core to be as strong as it was before I had Izhaan .. this is a personal win for me today ,to be able to do this exercise which involves a loootttt of core strength and balance .. I have a long way to go but I’ve also come a long way what’s life bout if you don’t celebrate the small victories #slowlybutsurely #Mummahustles” (sic).

Enjoying a huge fan following, Sania keeps updating fans who wait on the edge to get the latest insights about her life, both on and off the court. In just two hours, the said post garnered over 31k likes and is still breaking the internet.