Wedding and depression are two poles apart terms that are not supposed to be associated with each other. Right? But the association has already been established. Feeling sad and depressed post a fairytale wedding is a reality. These emotions are called post-wedding blues. Also Read - Surbhi Jyoti Looks Resplendent in Hot Bridal Look And it Will Give You Cue For Summer Wedding

So, if you think that love and marriage only bring happiness, you are mistaken. Your wedding can invite depression too. Your excitement of being together with your partner and the seemingly never-ending chaos of planning your wedding can be replaced with unexpected loneliness and depression. This is what a research conducted at the Bowling Green State University, states. According to the study results, among 152 married women involved in the research, 12 per cent were found to feel depressed post their wedding. Also Read - UP Man Held For Killing Fiance Four Days Before Marriage

Here we tell you how to get rid of post-wedding blues. Also Read - His Marriage Proposal Rejected, Stalker Allegedly Rapes Minor in Telangana; Sets Her Ablaze

You need to understand the difference between wedding day and marriage

Planning your wedding day and living with your partner for the lifetime are two very different things. If you think that the excitement and chaos before the wedding will remain after the wedding too, you are highly mistaken. Prepare yourself beforehand about how your post-wedding life will be like. This may help you think practically and avoid unrealistic expectations.

Go for premarital counselling

Trying premarital counselling can protect your relationship and help you avoid post-wedding blues. It will act as an advance therapy and can help you build a healthier foundation for your union with your partner. Premarital counselling can prepare you for marriage and ensure that you have a stable marriage.

Spend enough time with your spouse

Spending some quality time with your spouse can keep you positively engaged. It can act as a therapy and help you handle post-wedding blues. Plan a candlelight dinner or go for a long drive with your partner.