It is likely that life catches you in your least expectations! When people say, motherhood comes with a lot of surprises, it means literal for some women actually. This happens when the baby steps of a child are accompanied by a few challenges for the mother. For some, it might be just anxiety and nervousness for countable days but for others, it could be nightmares for months. Even it has been revealed by statistics that around 10 to 15 per cent of the new mothers suffer from a medical condition called postpartum depression whereas every mother experiences baby blues. This indicates that women often fail to recognize the difference between baby blues and postpartum depression.Also Read - Do Fathers Suffer From Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum depression is a medical condition which is characterized by symptoms like severe mood swings, feeling to exhaustion, inability to sleep, intense irritability, hopelessness, restlessness etc. In some cases, women with the condition also go for suicide. However, there are ways in which such circumstances can be effectively dealt with. Some of them are listed below: Also Read - One-fifth of women with postpartum depression keep silent

  • Recognize the problem and accept the condition that you are dealing with. As shared sorrow is divided pain, try to express yourself to family members.
  • Keep reassuring yourself to stay positive. A confident choice of improving willfully is something that can accelerate the entire treatment.
  • Take good care of your food choices as deficiency of essential nutrients can aggravate the condition.
  • Incorporate exercise into your daily routine as a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.
  • Keep yourself engaged for long. This could be done either by developing a hobby or spending time with loved ones.

No matter how dark this phase turns out to be, one can deal with it with patience and self-nurturing. So, boost yourself to be a confident, fearless and brave mother. Believe in you and let the time sew!