Getting married is the most romantic thing you can ever do. Initially, marriages were planned and fixed by the family or couples used to opt for love marriage. However, now the scenario has changed completely. Currently, there are various matrimonial sites where you can make your profile and find a perfect life partner. The way the process of finding matches has changed, responsibilities, and roles of both the sexes have changed, we need to have some addition or changes in wedding vows too. Don’t you think so? We share some practical wedding vows that you can take in order to perfectly deal with your married life. Also Read - Viral: Giraffe Photobombs Newly-Wed Couple's Wedding Photo-Shoot, Grabs Groom's Turban

I promise to give you respect and value your work

It is commonly seen in married couples that the person who earns more feels superior to his/her partner. Ideally, this should not be the case. Every work has its own importance and that takes time and effort, be it office work or household responsibilities. Ego tussles between working couples are something that can be easily witnessed. This can bring negativity in your relationship and slowly even bring it to an ugly end. So, couples must respect and value each other’s personalities and work too. Also Read - Post-Wedding Blues Are a Reality, Here is How to Get Over Them

I promise to give you space and not impose my ideas on you

Everybody requires space. Getting married doesn’t give you the right to keep on digging into your partner’s personal life. You must respect your spouse’s personal space. ‘Me time’ is significant. It makes you feel that you are important and you must pamper yourself sometimes. Mutual respect for each other’s space can make your marriage stronger.
Also, you should never try to impose your or your family’s beliefs on your spouse. For example, newly married women face criticism about the way they dress up. They are advised to wear traditional clothes and not western ones. However, this should be solely their choice to decide what to wear and what not to. Also Read - Wedding of Pakistan's Former Chief Justice's Son Creates Controversy. Here's Why

I promise to never break your trust

Trust is the backbone of any relationship. Once it is broken, you cannot mend it ever. So, make sure you never lie or cheat on your partner. You can take a vow to always stay true to your love. This can bring you closer to your spouse and make your relationship even stronger.