Anxiety disorder is a psychological condition that occurs due to fear or tension. You experience an anxiety attack due to the worry that something uneasy or unwanted may happen. This is different from a panic attack. The former requires a trigger whereas the latter does not need any kind of trigger. According to WHO, anxiety disorder is quite prevalent globally and one in four people world-wide develop some sort of psychological disorder at some point in life. The lack of information about it makes the condition even worse. Some of the most common reasons behind the onset of an anxiety attack include stress, work pressure, diagnosis of a deadly condition, financial problems, etc. There is an array of medicines that can help you deal with an anxiety disorder. However, if you wish to get rid of it naturally, here are some yoga poses that you can practice.

Viparita Karani

  1. Firstly, lie down straight on your back with your legs facing a wall.
  2. Slowly raise your legs and keep them straight with the help of the wall.
  3. Make sure your arms are on both sides of your body in a relaxing position.
  4. Keep your eyes closed and breathe heavily.
  5. Maintain this posture for as long as you can.


  1. To being with this yoga pose, sit straight.
  2. Stretch your legs out and raise your arms up.
  3. Keep breathing deeply.
  4. Now, exhale and bend your body forward while doing that.
  5. Stretch your body by holding your toes lifting your head.
  6. Remain in this position for at least 3 minutes and then release.


  1. To start, lie down on your back keeping the entire body straight.
  2. Your hands should be on each side of your body.
  3. Keep your eyes closed and start counting your breaths.
  4. Maintain this posture for approximately 5 minutes.