There is some amount of controversy about whether you should be eating before your workouts. Some say that it is best to work out on an empty stomach because it is believed that that will help you burn more fat. But some studies have found that that just breaks down muscle. Many nutritionists and even gym instructors insist on gym goers fuelling up the body before their workout sessions so that they have the energy to do intense workouts and hence burn more fat and calories while building muscles. Your pre-workout snacks should ideally have proteins and carbs. Proteins are essential for muscle building and carbohydrates are necessary for giving you the energy to do the workout by slowly releasing glucose into the bloodstream. Here are some pre-workout snacks that could be effective for weight loss.
Wholewheat toast with peanut butter: The wholewheat bread will give you a good amount of carbs and the peanut butter will give you protein. Make sure that the peanut butter is homemade rather than store-bought.

Oats with fruits and Greek yoghurt: Greek yoghurt is denser than regular workout and is perfect for your body in small quantities. Oats will help with gradual energy release throughout your workout session.

Omelette with wholewheat bread: This classic protein and carb combo is perfect for a good work out session. Eggs are some of the best, cheapest and tastiest sources of protein. You could have this with vegetables like mushrooms.

Fruits with muesli: Fruits have a high amount of carbohydrates along with other essential nutrients. Muesli can give you energy because of nutritious oats and nuts in it.

You must make sure that you are eating about 1 hour to 45 minutes before the workout. This is so you don’t feel heavy and full when you are working out. If you don’t have enough gap between your meal and gymming, you could feel nauseous.