Pregnancy is a blissful phase. Nine months of gestation brings an array of changes in your body that sometimes make you feel on top of the world, while the other time, you feel stressed. While the curiosity of holding your little bundle of joy in your hand makes you excited, the thought of sleepless nights post-delivery makes you anxious. Stress and anxiety are the culprits behind some of the most debilitating conditions and therefore you cannot afford them coming as a hindrance in between your calm and bliss. Stress during pregnancy has been associated with problems including baby’s low birth weight, preterm labour, pre-eclampsia, etc. A stress-free pregnancy can keep you and your baby happy and healthy. Thinking how can you be relaxed during these nine months? Read further. Also Read - This is How to Get Rid of Fatigue During Pregnancy

Exercise daily

Needless to say, indulging in exercise regularly gives an array of health benefits. Still, most of the people do not opt for a workout due to laziness. Exercising is the best way to keep stress and other health ailments at bay. During pregnancy, you must do some light exercises like yoga, meditation, or walking. They do not put a strain on your baby bump. This can helps you get relief from tension, by boosting the secretion of the happy hormone, endorphins. Also Read - Lisa Haydon Flaunts Her Baby Bump in Sexy Black Bikini And is Setting Out Major Pregnancy Goals

Eat healthy and get enough sleep

During gestation, you should eat green leafy vegetables, food rich in protein, dry fruits, milk, yogurt, etc. Having a balanced diet can keep your baby healthy and can also keep your mood happy. Right nutrition helps cope with daily stress. Also, sleeping enough recharges your body to take up new challenges the other day. It rejuvenates your body. Also Read - Kalki Koechlin's Steamy Underwater Pregnancy Photoshoot Creates Ripples Across Internet, Pictures go Viral

Try music therapy

Music is known to be a mood lifter. You must have experienced its positive effects at least once. Listening to soft and calming music for an hour before going to sleep can lighten your mood and help you sleep deep. Also, it can keep your fetus away from any kind of stress.