Priyanka Chopra Jonas won hearts and accolades for her coveted Miss World title in 2000. For her latest appearance at The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, PeeCee shed light on an incident that happened minutes before her winning the Miss India title. Remember Priyanka’s Miss India winning moment and her hairdo- a tendril falling on her face? Well, that tendril was not deliberate. Also Read - Priyanka Chopra to Soon Open Her Indian Restaurant in New York, Shares Pictures of Puja Ceremony

During the Jimmy Fallon show, Priyanka reminisced about winning the coveted title. She said that while she was getting ready to go on the stage, she accidentally burned herself with a curling iron as someone jostled her. The accident left a mark on her forehead and she had to cover it with the crazy tendril. Also Read - Indian Idol 12: Hema Malini Recalls Dating Dharmendra, Says 'My Father Won't Let Me Meet Him Alone'

She said, “I have this crazy tendril down my face. At that time, I tried to play it cool as if it was a choice but it really wasn’t. I was trying to curl my hair and there was like, 90 girls backstage, and everyone was moving around and getting their hair and make-up done. I was trying to curl my hair and somebody jostled me. I burnt myself and the skin scabbed.” Also Read - Ranveer Singh's Diamond-Studded Wrist Watch is Super Stunning And Super Expensive - Guess The Price

Thanks to her presence of mind, she covered up the mark. She added, “I had like this big mark which I had to conceal with concealer and that big tendril. Every time I look back at that picture, I am like, ‘The choice of the tendril! Really!’”

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In her memoir, Unfinished which is making waves, she talked about her how life changed after winning the Miss World title.

In an earlier interview, Priyanka also revealed that she almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction during the Miss World pageant. “In year 2000, I won Miss World and my dress was taped on to me. By the time I won in the end, I was stressing so much because it was so stressful that the entire tape came off. And the whole time I was doing my walk, I kept my hands like this in a ‘namaste’. People thought it was a namaste but it was actually holding my dress up,” she revealed.

On the work front, Priyanka is still basking in the success of her Netflix film The White Tiger which has been widely appreciated for both its content and the performances. She also released a memoir titled Unfinished.