Priyanks Chopra is a perfect example of beauty with brain. The diva is known for her style, acting, and her sense of humour. Bollywood’s ‘Desi girl’ has beautiful Indian colour tone, toned body, and bouncy black hair. The secret behind her beautiful hair is a home made mask. Priyanka’s mother taught her how to prepare it and she was taught by her mother. Also Read - Shah Rukh Khan And Priyanka Chopra Join Hands With Lady Gaga And Others at One World: Together at Home Concert in Fight Against COVID-19

In her latest Instagram post, Priyanka shared the DIY video where she can be heard talking about how to prepare the mask and how it can treat dry scalp and dandruff. Also Read - Entertainment News Today April 05, 2020: Madhu Chopra Defends Late Husband Dr Ashok Chopra, Reveals Why He Disapproved of Priyanka Chopra Jonas's Western Wear

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In the caption, the diva wrote, “Seems like a good time to dust these off to try during quarantine. This is a recipe for a hair treatment that my mom taught me, and her mom taught her. Full Fat Yogurt, 1 tsp honey, 1 egg. Let it sit in your hair for 30 min and rinse with warm water. Disclaimer: while this works wonders (for me), it doesn’t smell the best. You may need to shampoo twice to remove all the yogurt, and then condition as usual.”

Ingredients that were used by Priyanka during the preparation of the mask have an array of health and beauty benefits. Here we will talk about a few beauty benefits of these kitchen ingredients.


Also called Dahi, yogurt can moisturise your skin and rejuvenate it. Its topical application can reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Even if you have acne, blemishes or pigmentation, you can use yogurt. A sleepless night gives dark circles under the eyes. Yogurt can reduce their appearance as well.


This natural sweetener can absorb impurities from the skin pores and clean them. Honey acts as a natural antiseptic. This means it can heal wounds. Being a natural humectant, honey can treat wrinkles and its antioxidant properties can delay ageing.


Eggs can do wonders on damaged hair. They can moisturise your scalp and treat dandruff. It can improve your skin texture and tighten your skin pores after removing excess oil.