Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu festival that signifies the loving bond of a brother-sister and this year it will be celebrated on August 7. On this day sisters tie a sacred rakhi on the brother’s wrist and pray for the well being of their brother. The brother in return pledges to protect the sister through thick and thin. Since the festival is just around the corner, we are sharing with you how you can make your own personalized rakhi for your brother. Though these days you can buy different types of rakhis, what can be more special than making a lovely rakhi for your dearest brother, all by yourself. Here are three different DIY rakhi making ideas to impress your beloved brother with your very own handmade rakhi. He will treasure it forever! (ALSO READ Raksha Bandhan 2017: What is Edible Rakhi and Where to Get Them!). Also Read - Try These Effective DIY Remedies to Deal With Dry Skin

Fancy pearl rakhi

To make this rakhi, you will need golden colored ring or loop, thread butta, pearls, glue and thread. Apply glue on the thread butta and place the thread on the center of the thread butta. Gently apply glue on the thread and stick the golden ring on top of it. Add some glue and add another embellished flower applique on top of the golden ring. Slide the pearls on the thread and your very own rakhi is ready! Also Read - Easiest DIY Hacks to Dry Your Nail Polish in no Time

Pretty quilled rakhi

Handmade Rakhi is one of the best gifts that you can give your brother, here is how you can make a quilled rakhi. You will need glue, quilling paper, and quilling tool to make this rakhi. Start by taking eight strips of quilling paper and sticking them one after the other to make a really long strip of paper. Roll them tightly on the quilling tool to form the base color. For the rest of the layers follow the guidelines given in the video. When you have completed making the whole rakhi using quilling paper, stick it on top of a ribbon or a colorful rope. Also Read - This is What Rakul Preet Singh Uses to Keep Her Skin Soft And Supple

Easy photo rakhi

What could be more special than tying a rakhi with your brother’s photo on it! To make this personalized rakhi you will need your brother’s photo, foam, chain made with stones, kundan and fabric glue. Start by cutting a circle on the foam sheet and then cut a smaller circle on the foam sheet in a contrasting color. Stick the smaller foam circle in the center of the bigger one using glue and then stick a chain made of stones around the smaller circle. Add rhinestones on the bigger foam using glue and stick this on a satin ribbon. Finally stick the photo in the center and your rakhi is ready!