The trailer of long awaited Rangoon is here and how.  The trailer is trending and it has already received positive reviews from fans across.  We also think the trailer is fantastic and the movie is going to be a hit. And why not , with biggies like Vishal Bhardwaj, Kangana Ranaut, Shahid Kapur and Saif Ali, Rangoon is definitely a must watch.  The trailer clearly shows us a love triangle in times of war. Kangana Ranaut who plays Julia is floored by Saif’s glamorous world and she also finds love in Shahid Kapur. The dialogues clearly tell us that Rangoon is going to be a beautiful love story with war and deceit.  The much awaited movie will hit the theaters on February 24. ALSO READ Deepika-Ranveer, Aishwarya-Abhishek and other Bollywood couples found love on the sets!

Now we don’t know for sure if Kangana chooses Shahid or sticks to her first love Saif or leaves both of them. But what would you do if the Saif-Kangana-Shahid love triangle was your own story? What would have you done if you were caught in a love triangle?  Clueless? Let us help you here. If you are ever caught in a situation like this, these are the things that you need to do.

1. Analyze your relationship

Before you take any decision, it is always better to analyze your relationship. If you are in love with two people at the same time, you need to think as to where you stand in your first relationship. What made you distract in the first place? All these are questions that you need to ask yourself. If you find no reasons to stay, then it is always better to move on. ALSO READ These are the 6 hottest foreplay moves that men love!

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2. Be emotionally strong

A love triangle scenario is not easy to deal with. You might have to face accusations from both sides.  It will be a lot to deal with. You might even have to face a situation where the two people concerned are fighting among themselves.  You have to be emotionally strong in all this. You need to be strong about what you want from life. (ALSO READ How to tell your crush you like him: 7 ways to let him know about your feelings!).

3. Ask yourself who you feel connected with more

Connection plays a very important role in a relationship.  You need to analyze and decide where the connection is stronger. If you think you are connected to the one who came later, then we would suggest that should be your final choice. ALSO READ Relationship goals for 2017: 7 goals that you need to set for a happier life!

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4. Be honest

One mistake that most women make is they are not honest.  You need to be honest to both the men and also about your feelings. There shouldn’t be any guilt trip since you have already committed the mistake. So now make your choice without any second thoughts.  (ALSO READ Top 10 things you will learn in the first year of your married life!).

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5. Talk about it to friends

If you are still confused about whom to go with, you can always talk about it to your friends or family. They are the only people who can help you decide without being biased towards anybody. ALSO READ Relationship rules: 10 things NOT to do if you want your relationship to stay strong

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6. Whatever you decide, it should be for you

Now that you are already caught in a love triangle, now whatever decision you take should be for you. You shouldn’t be bothered about what people think or what will people say. Just do as your heart says. ALSO READ Relationship advice for men: 10 tips that will make your lady love proud of you!

And last, after all this, the one thing that you must consider are the repercussions of this. A love triangle can get messy. So whatever you do, do think of the consequences. If you think you can face them without breaking down, then you should go ahead. You will have to wait till February to know how Julia( Kangana) deals with her love triangle. Meanwhile you can watch the trailer of Rangoon here, if you haven’t yet: